Is Ileostomy Necessary for Crohn’s Disease? Is it Able to Eradicate the Disease?

What is Crohn’s Disease?

When a person feels inflammation, burning, or blockage in the small intestine and bowel, he/she is suffering from Crohn’s disease. It creates painful chaos in the gastrointestinal tract. However, it does not allow stool to pass and reach the large intestine. Therefore, surgeons perform ileostomy to remove this infection. This is one of the effective solutions and incision for inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s disease. Usually, people suffer from this disease due to food poisoning, accident, or injury in the small intestine. Therefore, doctors remove the ileum the last section of the small intestine. As the disease lies in this section and the victim cannot pass the liquid stool to the large intestine or colon for further procedure. 

Crohn’s disease is common these days. Almost 780,000 Americans are suffering from this infection. The common age for the said disease is 15-35 years. The untreated small intestine and inflammation can lead a person to colorectal cancer. This could be dangerous for the entire digestive system. Therefore, timely treatment and removal of the disease can be helpful for the patients.

Sometimes, doctors and people get confused between colitis and Crohn’s disease. It happens because of negligence or wrong treatment. Therefore, the infection reaches the large intestine or colon. Then, it becomes colitis. Therefore, the treatment would be longer and lead to permanent removal of colon and ostomy. However, the ileostomy is usually temporary. After the healing of the ileum and small intestine, doctors close the stoma opening. They reverse the intestine and attach it back to the colon. 

In an ileostomy, surgeons remove the connection between the ileum and colon. Thus, the colon cannot pass the stool to the Bowel and anus. They take rest for a longer time or for the small intestine to get back. The surgeon makes an artificial opening and a complete passage like the natural path. They have to fabricate this in the abdomen of the patient. Thus, they have to halt the connection of the colon and ileum. Thus, they need to bring the ileum to the tummy wall of the person. Afterward, they pass the stool to the opening, stoma. Moreover, it cannot pass the hard form of stool. As the waste material directly comes out through the small intestine. Feces takes shape when it goes through the enzymes present in the large intestine. When the waste matter does not touch the colon section, it does not adopt the shape. Therefore, the stool will come out in the liquid form. The watery stool needs some extra care because it comes out of the stoma, not through the anus. During the disease, a person faces vomiting, low energy, weight loss, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, cramps, and dizziness. The symptoms could be different in some people according to the seriousness and level of the disease. Moreover, the same signs you would feel after the surgery. An ostomate will have the feeling of motion and nausea. But, it would not last for more than one month or for up to healing. The patient will have to face the same situation after the second surgery. Therefore, ileostomy needs two times incision. An ostomate who suffers from Crohn’s disease will have to go through two surgeries.

Therefore, doctors always recommend ileostomy for infected small intestines and Crohn’s disease. It does not require medications. In very few cases, you need medicines; however, the ultimate solution is ileostomy. Moreover, it needs some precautionary measures and caring elements. You cannot leave the stoma hole open and alone. Thus, it requires a bag or we can say a complete pouching system. Moreover, an ileostomy patient needs to take care of diet and health.

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